Hospital's beginning

The hospital was founded on impuls thinks Mission of Picena Province of Friars Minor Capuchin established in the area - no health facility - under the enlightened insight of Monsignor Domenico Marinozzi.

With the grown of the structure has become indispensable economic support to address its management and service concrete and active population while respecting the wishes of the initial maternity care and paediatrics. The enhancements to the plant necessitated the creation of a foundation- the Foundation who would provide the collection of donations and contributions, to sending doctors and nurses who annually travel to perform temporarily the free service in the specialty original, maternity and pediatrics, now extended to dental services and eye care.

The challenges ahead are not lacking. Settled in 2014 the challenge to provide the hospital of a plant for the supply of medical oxygen, we will have to provide for the electric range with photovoltaic system and another whose studies and examination of projects are underway.

With your contribution we can face and improve the needs of the populations concerned.


Delivery service


Year 2012 2013 2014
Total made parts 923 1.108 1.455

Number of admissions in five departments over the past five years

Our Staff