About Us

Data constituting the Foundation Pro Dubbo Onlus

  • Registered with the Regional Directorate Of Revenue for the Marche Region 02/07/2002 CF.
    attributed 9309 287 0422
  • Entered register with prefectural recognition of the status of the Fondazione Pro-Dubbo's Fund at the Prefecture of Ancona No. 34/2
  • registered list of community organizations for distribution of 5x1000 since 2006

10 Founding members in which are the following entities:
-Province Picena (Marche) Capuchin
-Catholic Medical Association Italian Marche Region
-Confartigianato Companies Ancona
-Institute White Cross San Severino Marche
-Vicariate Apostolic of Soddo
-Congregation Cabrini
-Family Manni-Verona

-The administration is carried out by a board whose chairman for five years 10/09/2014 - 09/09/2019
is Don Donato De Blasi (total 9 participating councilors)

Business news

The foundation with the annual gathering for donations could provide financial support to the hospital
"Dubbo St.Mary Primary Hospital" from 2002 to 2014" € 1.560.000,00

The assets included the foundation amounted to € 768.869,75 sum not usable affiliated to the Fund

The aim of the Foundation for the year 2015 is:

160.000 € for hospital, free delivers, management and aid to poor children.
the sum is sent at the beginning of each calendar quarter.